Conventional thinking equals conventional returns

We design innovative systematic strategies that trade the most liquid financial instruments across major exchanges and money markets around the globe: our strategies focus on currencies, equities, and commodities in the spot and derivatives markets.

Our investment methodology is based on three key pillars:

  • A 100% systematic approach, from idea generation to execution: a purely quantitative and data-driven process, stripped of any human subjectivity or bias.
  • A multi-asset focus, with no singular exposure to any asset: designed to create more flexible and broadly diversified portfolios.
  • An always-on, all-weather outlook: intended to act as a stable profit generator during stable market conditions and a safe haven during periods of uncertainty or increased volatility.

Our strategies capitalize on economic and geopolitical events around the globe, with no reliance on regional performance or local risk.


We trade a heterogeneous mix of currency pairs, equities, and commodities to maximize returns and minimize individual exposure.


Our strategies achieve a return profile completely uncorrelated to any major markets, benchmarks, or investment styles.


Our models are able to navigate trends and themes across both rising and falling markets, and even in directionless environments.

Facts & Figures

Our systematic modules scan across 3 different timeframes to identify all the statistically favorable trading opportunities.

We have identified and cataloged more than 1,000 proprietary price patterns along with their unique statistical attributes.

Our research universe includes more than 5,000 different financial instruments across all our systematic strategies.

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    AENAON is a technology-driven investment research company. For more than a decade, our team has been committed to systematic alpha generation, investment research, and quantitative model development. We design and develop innovative, proprietary investment strategies that deliver superior and uncorrelated returns.
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    14-20 Vassileos Alexandrou, Peristeri, Athens, Greece
    +30 210 5779 238
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