Managed Accounts


Managed Accounts

What is a managed account?

A managed account is a type of investment service which selects a group of financial assets and packages them in an investment portfolio for an individual or a corporate entity. The investor owns the account, but it is overseen by a professional money manager whom they’ve appointed to act on their behalf. The manager may buy, sell, or trade assets without the investor’s prior approval – as long as it’s in accordance with the objectives of their client. A managed account always involves fiduciary duty, which mandates the manager must act in the best interest of the client or potentially risk facing criminal penalties.

A managed account allows the investor and the manager to select the appropriate asset classes and investment strategies that fit the individual goals of the account holder or holding company. This means that there is an added layer of flexibility and customization available in regard to the investment mandate and management decisions typically not available in other forms of pooled investments like mutual funds or index-tracking instruments.

Best suitable for high net-worth individuals, corporate entities, boutique funds of funds and small family offices.

How does it work?

Getting started with a managed account service is a simple, fast and straight-forward process as we have already built the relationships, agreements and infrastructure required. Our account management teams works with you on every step of the process to explain the options at your disposal and guide you towards the most beneficial setup that fits your personal or corporate goals.

  • The first thing to do is open an investment account, either as an individual or as a corporate entity, with a brokerage company of your choice. We have partnered with a number of global prime brokers offering world-class liquidity and execution services. Filling out the required forms and submitting the necessary documents should only take a couple of days.
  • Upon successfully opening your individual or corporate investment account, you will have the chance to fund the account with the capital you want us to manage on your behalf. All the prime brokers we are working with offer several options of different custodian banks, where your funds will be securely deposited and segregated from any other capital. The deposit process should not take you more than 24-48 hours.
  • Once your funds have been deposited to your investment account, the next and final step is to sign an Investment Management Agreement between yourself, the prime broker you chose and AENAON Asset Management. This agreement details the investment mandate we commit to pursue on your behalf,  the management terms and associated fees and everything related to the relationship between ourselves, our investors and the prime broker.
  • Finally, at the end of each month you will receive a letter from our Investment Committee along with a comprehensive account report: this report will include account statements detailing the performance of your investments, the profits and losses and many other important details.

Benefits of managed accounts

Industry knowledge

There are hundreds of thousands of financial assets and investment strategies to choose from. As your financial advisor, we understand which ones have the best outlook and suitability for your portfolio and goals and when we need to make any changes to your mix.

Tailored management

As your fiduciary, we act as your investment manager to ensure that, whatever strategy is followed, it is always aligned with your personal goals. This could mean tailoring the risk/reward profile to your appetite, reducing volatility or looking for increased capital protection.

Peace of mind

You save yourself the stress of constantly looking at fluctuating numbers as values rise and fall. As experienced professionals, we are experts in navigating markets during all conditions and we can build a portfolio that can balance risk and reward.

Disciplined process

We employ a purely quantitative and data-driven approach, stripped from any human subjectivity or bias. Our strategies have no emotions allowing us to capitalize on the ever-changing market conditions and adjust our portfolios when we need to, not when prices rise or fall.


Are you a Private Investor an Asset Allocator a Family Office Manager ?

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