Anastasios Skordakis

Anastasios (Tasos) Skordakis is the founder of AENAON Asset Management and its Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 2013. Tasos is an experienced multi-disciplinary business leader with successful ventures in finance, technology, e-commerce and real estate. He holds a Bachelor degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Computer Science (UCL, London UK). His personal interest in the financial markets has led him to found AENAON Markets, where he is responsible for the company’s business strategy while he has been involved in the design and creation of its investment modules from day one.

He designed the systems to scan the markets, evaluating form and shape of trends, in search for the best opportunities, and joined forces with Panagiotis Kourtesis (CTO) to build the quantitative models for back-testing and forward-testing the FX markets in order to come up with valid statistical models which then became the trading algorithms of AENAON Syncro Currencies.

Tasos is also responsible to support the strategic objectives with respect to AUMs, investment advice to Executive Board, rebalancing, asset allocation, risk management control and investment mandate compliance for the combined AUMs.


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    AENAON is a technology-driven investment research company. For the past 10 years, we have been committed to systematic alpha generation, investment research and system development.

    Our systematic strategies support a variety of portfolio management solutions and are suitable to the key investment themes of our time: superior risk-adjusted returns, non-correlation and consistency.
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