Konstantinos Anthis

Konstantinos (Kostas) Anthis is AENAON Asset Management’s Chief Investment Officer. Kostas is a seasoned expert in fundamental and technical analysis, systematic trading and performance generation in the Forex, equities and commodities’ markets. In AENAON, he oversees the investment strategy of the company and its alignment to the ever-evolving geopolitical and macroeconomic environment. He is also in charge of business development and the representation of the company in the news and media.

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    AENAON is a technology-driven investment research company. For the past 10 years, we have been committed to systematic alpha generation, investment research and system development.

    Our systematic strategies support a variety of portfolio management solutions and are suitable to the key investment themes of our time: superior risk-adjusted returns, non-correlation and consistency.
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    14-20 Vassileos Alexandrou, Peristeri, Athens, Greece
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