Why choose AENAON?


Why choose AENAON?

Exceptional performance

Our systematic strategies support a variety of portfolio management solutions and are suitable to the key investment themes of our time: non-correlation, consistency and superior risk-adjusted returns. Our quantitative models operate around the clock and their investment horizon is short to medium-term, allowing from maximized portfolio liquidity and dynamic risk mitigation.

Superior risk-adjusted returns

Our investment strategies have generated exceptional returns since inception, beating various benchmark indices by a wide margin, while keeping the risk assumed down to a minimum and resulting in outstanding risk-adjusted performance.

Limited equity drawdown

Strict risk management rules and our decision never to compound gains have allowed our strategies to feature limited drawdowns, even during periods of high volatility or uncertainty in the markets.

Relatively low volatility

Our dynamic position size management rules ensure that we scale the risk we assume per trade according to each market’s current conditions, allowing for minimized portfolio volatility.

100% positive returns in any 12-month period

Each and every 12-month rolling period of our systematic strategies’ historical performance has posted a positive return, while 96% of all 6-month periods have also turned up profitable.

Robust mandate

We design a selection of investment strategies that trade the most liquid financial instruments across major exchanges and money markets around the globe: they have exposure to currencies, equities, government bonds and commodities in the spot and derivatives markets.  Our strategies are designed to perform as a stable profit generator during calm market conditions and a safe haven option during times of uncertainty, high volatility or crisis.

Global investment outlook

Our investment strategies take a global outlook to benefit from economic and geopolitical developments around the globe. This ensures that their performance has no reliance on any regional markets’ performance while at the same time face limited risks from isolated local events.

No correlation to traditional markets

Our multi-asset investment approach ensures that our returns have low-to-zero correlation to any major markets, asset classes, traditional investment styles or strategies. This makes our strategies an ideal addition to any portfolio in order to increase both returns and diversification.

Systematic investment strategies

We employ a purely algorithmic and data-driven approach, stripped from any human subjectivity or bias, resulting in a completely sterile research and development process. This way we eliminate any reliance on a single factor’s presence or human skill as performance is derived in a strictly quantitative fashion.

Bi-directional market bias

Our investment strategies have an all-weather outlook: by deploying modules that invest in currency pairs, managed futures, indices and commodities’ derivatives and ETFs they are in a position to profit from both bull and bear markets – or even in the absence of a clear direction.


Are you a Private Investor an Asset Allocator a Family Office Manager ?

Do you want to know more about our systematic strategies, their historical performance or how you can benefit from our services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and the appropriate member of our team will respond to your inquiry immediately.

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    AENAON is a technology-driven investment research company. For the past 10 years, we have been committed to systematic alpha generation, investment research and system development.

    Our systematic strategies support a variety of portfolio management solutions and are suitable to the key investment themes of our time: superior risk-adjusted returns, non-correlation and consistency.
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    14-20 Vassileos Alexandrou, Peristeri, Athens, Greece
    +30 210 5779 238
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